heat wave!

Well, it’s officially July in Michigan. (I’ve heard rumors that it’s July elsewhere as well.) How do I know? Checking the weather. Highs in the high 80s and low- to mid-90s for the immediate future… which means that I’m going to have to adjust my running schedule, most likely. Morning runs before work are already limited by time, with a little flexibility, but it certainly is nice having the option of running at lunchtime. No can do when it’s 88 by noon. Which means that I’m either going to have to start getting up ridiculously early (we’re talking 5 a.m.) for my long runs or… gulp… cut them short.

On the other hand, my PT neighbor said I might want to cut back on my mileage for a little because of my bone spurs, so maybe it’s a good thing…?

At any rate, I woke up at 5:45 to run a good 10 today – new route! Nothing exciting, just paved roads, but sometimes I actually prefer straightforward roads in the morning (less thinking than trails, haha). And now, having gone to bed around 11:45 – late for me – I’m exhausted and need a nap. I might climb… if I can summon the energy.

peace love and running!


Ludington report!

It’s a bit delayed, but… Ludington was awesome. It doesn’t make for the most enthralling story, but it was a Good Trip. I only ended up running twice, once for 45 minutes on sandy trails (eugh) and once for longer (75 minutes, I think) along the beach with some fun dune running thrown in for variation. There was also a snake on that run, less for variation and more for a reason to head the other way down the beach. I would have run more if (a) it hadn’t been quite so sandy (dunes do that) or (b) if we had camped closer to the singletrack farther north along the beach. Ah well, Ludington isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be back.

Running aside, the trip was quite enjoyable. We had pretty good weather, especially the first day – hot, dry, and sunny. The other days were cloudy and a bit cooler, but still good. We only got rain the last morning, which is surprising considering my family’s curse: when we camp, it rains. Period. Hmm, what else… we did a lot of walking along the beach, finding dead things and skipping rocks and exploring dunes and whatnot. Turns out, walking in sand is tiring for your feet. I was surprised just how tired the very muscles of my feet were just from walking barefoot in the sand for a few hours. We also went into town for one afternoon, which I would have rather eschewed – except we got Real Food, and a lot of it. (House of Flavors in Ludington – go there! Excellent fries.) The nights were filled with fire and conversation and perhaps a drop of rum and/or tequila. Oh, and the niggling irrational fear that every sound you heard was indeed a bear. (Hiking to our camp the first night, as the sun was setting, we heard a Noise that I am 99% sure was actually a bear. The guys are more like 80% sure, but I’m sticking to my 99.) And the shooting stars! So many, every night. And the sky was so clear and un-light-polluted that (sleeping outside all but one night) we could see the Milky Way and lots of star clusters. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen those (sadly).

And now for pictures!

Crazy fish we found. three or four layers of teeth on this bad boy.

Forgot about this – I woke up early the first morning (well, all the mornings) and perched in a tree not 200 feet away were two bald eagles. Two!

Camp – although we built a lean-to for shade next to the fire later that day.

Bottom line: I ❤ camping and would live outside for the rest of my life, if I could. I might, once I escape college and move to the mountains somewhere. Yeah, I’ll be that crazy person we all know and love and are a little worried about.

peace love and running!

Well, I ran (very slowly, my heel hurt) this morning. This is Anton.


I’ll be in Ludington from this afternoon to Sunday evening for a running adventure with a couple friends, so I’ll post after.
peace love and running!

so I biked today…

Since today was a forced rest day, I biked instead. One thing I’ll say about biking is that you can do it in the heat MUCH easier than you can run in it. When I went out after lunch, it was about 90, but while I was biking it was actually fine temperature-wise. Otherwise, though – wow. I got an unpleasant reminder just how much being in shape for running doesn’t mean you’re in shape for biking. Ugh, toiling excruciatingly slowly up seemingly endless hills into a headwind … I’d rather run up those same hills any day. I biked just over an hour and got 16.5 miles in, so it was a decent ride pace-wise, considering I haven’t biked in almost a year. But still. While I did get a bit of a workout, mostly I just got pissed off, especially in the last couple miles. But then I got home, did a little core/strength stuff, and took a nice cold shower and it was all better.

Moral of the story: running > biking.

peace love and running!

tuesday: bone spur pain and lasagna

Barely managed to drag myself out of bed this morning after a mere six and a half hours of sleep… though (as always) I’m glad I did. I had a nice little morning run, 7.5 miles – and it was already almost 80 at 7 a.m. Glad I got out when I did because by the time I got out of work, it was already creeping dangerously close to 90. Spent the rest of my afternoon lounging in my cool apartment (although I did keep the windows open, air conditioning makes the air stale and also makes me feel like a wimp).

However, bad news on the horizon: my right heel bone spur has been hurting all day. Nothing debilitating, but still, I don’t think it’s hurt this consistently before. I’ve been trying to stretch it and whatnot, but it’s still a bit painful and stiff. I think I’m going to cut back my mileage a little tomorrow, then take a day off before my Weekend Running Extravaganza in Ludington with a couple friends. We’re stopping in Grand Rapids to see Scott Jurek on our way, which will be cool.

Look what I made for dinner. LASAGNA. The food of champions and gods alike. And Italians.

You can smell the goodness through your computer, can’t you?

peace love and running!

horseflies are the bane of my existence.

My older brother ran his second 5k this morning, so I went to watch him, then hung around to watch the start of the half finishers. I love the atmosphere at races, it’s just everybody running and everyone is awesome and it’s great. That, of course, got me in a SUPER running mood, so I navigated through the blocked-off city and trekked (well, drove) out to run in Hell/Pinckney Rec Area. It has pretty much the best trails this area has to offer. When I set out (around 10:45 a.m. – late!), it was mid-70s and humid, but fully clouded over. I got turned around for about two miles, I think, but I didn’t count it in my mileage because I think I also accidentally cut off some of the beginning of the trail… ah, confusion. Anyway, before it started raining pretty hard, the horseflies were just awful. There were probably 20 or 30 buzzing around and on my head/face/back/arms – GAH. How I loathe them. What good do they bring to the world? Oh, that’s right, none. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We do not need horseflies for any reason. Can we work on something to get rid of them forever? Thanks. Let me know when it’s done.

Other than the flies, it was a pretty good run – thank god for the water pump halfway through the loop, otherwise I’d have been in pretty rough shape when I finished the second (final) lap. I really don’t mind running in the rain, especially when it does things like bring the temperature down and get the horseflies to lay low for a while. Thankfully, both my feet/ankles seem to be fine, just the usual post-run stiffness etc. As soon as I finished, I stripped off my shoes and disgusting socks and my nice new race drifit (white, stained pink from my sports bra, which bleeds – so annoying, but it comes out, luckily!) and walked stiffly to the nice cold clear lake. Dove in and sat in it for about fifteen minutes, letting my legs float, kind of stretching them under water, and letting some fish nibble my toes. After drying off in the sun, I stiffly drove back to Ann Arbor and proceed to eat about three dinners over the course of five hours. (Hey, the only other things I’d eaten prior to that were a pre-run piece of toast and a Nature Valley pb bar, and a powerbar during my run.)

Ok, I’m exhausted and kicking it for the night. peace love and running!

another rest/cooking day

I seem to be making a habit of spending time on food on rest days (although it’s not a rest day until I’m asleep – I’m still considering slipping out for a quick half-hour or so). For dinner tonight was spaghetti squash with olive oil, salt & pepper, fresh basil and mint, sage, oregano, feta cheese, and kalamata olives; a salad, sparkling pink lemonade, and a square of dark chocolate were on the side. (For the squash, just poke a bunch of holes all over it and stick it in the oven at 375 for an hour or so. I waited until the outside was a little browned in spots and was pretty soft. Let it cool for a good 10-15 minutes before cutting it open lest ye get a nasty steam burn. Deeelish.)

So yeah. No groundbreaking updates except my right bone spur/Achilles/whatever was pretty sore this morning… maybe had something to do with the long night of youthful debauchery that preempted my finally going to sleep at 4:30 (two hours before I usually wake up… the morning birds were already out and chirping). So.

peace love and running!