Three days off?

I think that’s plenty, though I’ll give it a full week before I get back into full-force training. I have an issue with things like patience and waiting, so I have to be careful after a long run or race. The bottoms of my feet were paining me a little, and I feared the worst – Stress fractures in my feet, oh GOD no. That would mean not running or even walking that much. I would become a fat depressed hermit and live out the rest of my days in misery, alone. Or something like that. Thankfully, after three days of going fairly easy on my feet, I ran a little (four miles, so it’s as if I haven’t run today) with no major repercussions, so it’s full steam ahead! As long as my weird bone spur on the back of my right heel (I have a matching one on the left) stops hurting…

(Bone spurs are, in short, growths that occur due to repetitive motions or stress, e.g. the pounding on your feet from running. My understanding of it is that the muscle begins react differently after a while, causing the bone to react in turn by building up in that spot – giving you a lovely bone spur. Mine are located at the backs of my heels, making me very prone to heel rubbing and giving me an inability to wear strapless pumps. They’re only really problematic if they begin to hurt. Mine didn’t start bothering me until I started running in the morning rather than the afternoon, which some say makes you more injury-prone.)
(Update: Just googled my specific type of bone spur, and it’s called Haglund’s deformity, or more commonly a pump bump because it forms on women who wear too small heels. I balk at that and would like to clarify that (a) mine is from running, and (b) my heels always fit correctly. I know how to buy shoes, thank you very much.)

But it’s late (I’m a horrible college student, I go to bed at 10:30) and I have work in the morning, so…

peace love and running!


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