the dreaded summertime slump

I’ve neglected to post here, mostly because my runs have been largely uneventful – did a hot 10 miles on Sunday morning, then 18 yesterday (back in my Minimus after wearing the Brooks for a while, to have some extra padding under my foot. My right foot’s still bothering me a little, yesterday especially since that was the first longish run since the race last weekend. My heel/Achilles has been pretty tight as well.)

And a side note…

In high school, it always happened by the time the end of the cross country season came around: I was done with running, at least for a while. Just take some time – a few weeks, the winter months, whatever it ended up being – and not run (as much, anyway). Since this past winter was so mild, I was able to keep running with basically no change in my routines or patterns… meaning I’ve been in a running spell since the end of last summer. Fall, winter, spring, and now the beginning of this summer… and I love running, I really do, but I’m afraid it’s That Time Of Year. The Slump. I think the weather has a lot to do with my more and more frequent (granted, it’s only happened about two or three times, but still…) urges to just not run. Either take the day off or bike or go on a nice long walk, but not run. What limited trails there are around here I’ve run so many times I could do them in my sleep, and I have no desire to run on busy roads and pavement and concrete. Plus, once it gets to be hot (mid- to high 80s or above) on a daily basis, if I want to run far, I have to get up at like… six. No, be out the door at six.

So maybe I’m just in a bit of a slump, what with the weather and no trails and foot and all. I hope a slump is all it is. I’m off to run an easy 45 minutes or so now, so…

peace love and running!


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