morning runs: a love-hate relationship

I woke up to my alarm at 6:36 (I set alarms at weird times). Another cool, splendid summer morning with the sun just breaking through the green leaves outside my window and a pleasant breeze wafting in, smelling of pure sweet summer. My plan was to run 8 before work.

My head hit the pillow and I was out again.

I eventually did pop out of bed, get ready, and begin to head out the door… then I woke up. Then I went back to sleep and had the same dream. Yes, it was indeed one of those mornings. Twice, I dreamt that I got up and got ready to run. Those always leave me groggily confused. Wait, didn’t I do this already? Like, twice? Alas, no. But I did end up dragging by butt out of bed and was out the door by 7. And, as always, I’m glad I did. I ended up having a pleasant run just over an hour, exploring the cute residential neighborhoods on the west side of town. I saw, among other stereotypical suburban scenes, an old bathrobe-and-slipper-clad man getting the paper, a middleaged man yelling at his dog to “Get out there and pee, goddammit!”, and a trio of young boys already racing around the street and running into each other on bikes. The streets were cool and shady, with sidewalks and yards for running aplenty – and a couple hills to give my quads a little work.  😛  Most importantly, I discovered a new (to me) little park with a nice little loop of trail – wide and well-maintained, with soft dark dirt to cushion my feet and gentle rollercoaster hills. Couldn’t have been more than a mile or so, but it was still a welcome change of pace and a good surprise for my otherwise all-sidewalk run.

So! What does it take to get you out of bed for your morning runs, on those days when you’d rather just mmmm sleep in?

peace love and running!

PS. Those granola bars I made last night are tasty. I highly recommend the recipe… although mine are quite moist and are almost too not-firm to be bars, per se. Just so delicious. I might modify that a little and make straight-up granola with those flavors… though I daresay that tray wouldn’t last very long at all!   🙂


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