horseflies are the bane of my existence.

My older brother ran his second 5k this morning, so I went to watch him, then hung around to watch the start of the half finishers. I love the atmosphere at races, it’s just everybody running and everyone is awesome and it’s great. That, of course, got me in a SUPER running mood, so I navigated through the blocked-off city and trekked (well, drove) out to run in Hell/Pinckney Rec Area. It has pretty much the best trails this area has to offer. When I set out (around 10:45 a.m. – late!), it was mid-70s and humid, but fully clouded over. I got turned around for about two miles, I think, but I didn’t count it in my mileage because I think I also accidentally cut off some of the beginning of the trail… ah, confusion. Anyway, before it started raining pretty hard, the horseflies were just awful. There were probably 20 or 30 buzzing around and on my head/face/back/arms – GAH. How I loathe them. What good do they bring to the world? Oh, that’s right, none. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We do not need horseflies for any reason. Can we work on something to get rid of them forever? Thanks. Let me know when it’s done.

Other than the flies, it was a pretty good run – thank god for the water pump halfway through the loop, otherwise I’d have been in pretty rough shape when I finished the second (final) lap. I really don’t mind running in the rain, especially when it does things like bring the temperature down and get the horseflies to lay low for a while. Thankfully, both my feet/ankles seem to be fine, just the usual post-run stiffness etc. As soon as I finished, I stripped off my shoes and disgusting socks and my nice new race drifit (white, stained pink from my sports bra, which bleeds – so annoying, but it comes out, luckily!) and walked stiffly to the nice cold clear lake. Dove in and sat in it for about fifteen minutes, letting my legs float, kind of stretching them under water, and letting some fish nibble my toes. After drying off in the sun, I stiffly drove back to Ann Arbor and proceed to eat about three dinners over the course of five hours. (Hey, the only other things I’d eaten prior to that were a pre-run piece of toast and a Nature Valley pb bar, and a powerbar during my run.)

Ok, I’m exhausted and kicking it for the night. peace love and running!


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