so I biked today…

Since today was a forced rest day, I biked instead. One thing I’ll say about biking is that you can do it in the heat MUCH easier than you can run in it. When I went out after lunch, it was about 90, but while I was biking it was actually fine temperature-wise. Otherwise, though – wow. I got an unpleasant reminder just how much being in shape for running doesn’t mean you’re in shape for biking. Ugh, toiling excruciatingly slowly up seemingly endless hills into a headwind … I’d rather run up those same hills any day. I biked just over an hour and got 16.5 miles in, so it was a decent ride pace-wise, considering I haven’t biked in almost a year. But still. While I did get a bit of a workout, mostly I just got pissed off, especially in the last couple miles. But then I got home, did a little core/strength stuff, and took a nice cold shower and it was all better.

Moral of the story: running > biking.

peace love and running!


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