running addiction (and a cat)

Hello hello hello. Ran an okay 18 on dirt roads this morning, though the first 45 minutes were pretty rough (ankles hurting, calves super tight).  The novelty of early-morning runs is wearing off and rapidly becoming a (1) chore and (b) pain in the posterior. But, inevitably, once I drag my sorry grumpy unmotivated self out of bed and get to it – and after – I’m glad I did.

But that’s not what I want to discuss here. I want to address the days when you don’t get out the door. Not because of a planned rest day, but because something stops you – be it sleeping in, an event you can’t miss that doesn’t leave time for running, unsafe weather (too hot!), or sheer laziness. Yesterday, I missed running because I slept through my alarm, then went to an air show with my family all day (awesome!). Although I recognized the fact that my body told itself that it obviously needed sleep (I got a whopping 10.5 hours), by the end of the afternoon I could feel myself getting anxious, irritable, and tending towards depressed – and the heat wasn’t helping. Neither was the fact that I’d been eating cheesy junk food crackers all afternoon, and had a super cheesy quesodilla despite the fact that I wasn’t hungry. Blerg. All this – but mostly the Not Running part – led to me having a very, very depressed night and even the next morning, a bit.

So I ask you – has this happened to you? I’ve looked into it and it seems to be a Thing that happens. Still sucks, though.

On the bright side – I met this friendly little guy on my walk this evening. Lifted my spirits 🙂

peace love and running!


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