more injury worries (and insanity)

So yesterday morning, I did another Too Early run (6 a.m., woohoo) – 11.6 miles – and the same thing happened. The first 45 minutes completely sucked. I was probably doing slower than 10 minute miles – a slow trail paceThings were hurting – ankles, various other foot/lower leg things… I don’t even know. Once I hit the dirt road (around the 45 minute mark), I did speed up (ha, speed) to about 9:45s. It was not a very good run. Obviously, I’m concerned here – injury would be the death of me. So this morning when my alarm was accompanied by the rumbling of thunder, I smiled gleefully and snuggled back under my sarong to listen to the storm. Today will be my rest day instead of tomorrow, no big deal.

Also! My physical therapist neighbor recommended that I start a cardio program for cross-training, since I do basically none of that (shame on me!). So yesterday I embarked upon the Insanity program. Let me say this: despite my ability to run very far, apparently straight-up cardio kicks my butt. Don’t get me wrong, I finished without stopping and only started to lag during the last set or circuit or whatever you call it, but man, sweat was dripping from every single pore by the time I finished. Granted, it was about 90 degrees in my room at the time…

Righto, off to work. peace love and running (and insanity)!

ps. I will have more pictures in posts to come, I know pictures make posts more exciting haha  🙂


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