running in the heat is like running in sand…

…in that once you accept that it’s going to be slower, more frustrating, and probably less fun, it’s actually okay. I just did 8.5 and the thermometer reads 96, with a higher heat index hovering around 100. But running shady trails and stopping halfway through for a brief stretch and cool-off session made it actually not a bad run at all!

On a side note…  protip: keep a TON of water in your fridge. It makes getting back from a hot run so, so sweet.

Also, everyone who’s interested in the ultrarunning community/world should listen to Talk Ultra (related to Marathon Talk), hosted by Ian Corless and Ian Sharman (who finished 5th at Western States this year). Each episode is usually 2.5h or more and is great for when you’re bored/at work/running or want to get a little of that ultra excitement back. I was listening at work today as I filed papers for two straight hours in the accounting department and, during the interviews with Ellie Greenwood (1st lady; one of my top inspirations, along with Lizzy Hawker of course) and Nick Clark (3rd), my legs were itching to be powerhiking up hills and pounding down them, my mind going Why Why Why and, alternatively, Yes! Running! Hooray! Best quote from the episode (so far, I haven’t finished it yet) is Nick Clark talking about hitting a negative stride mentally (paraphrasing here): “Why am I here, why I am doing this? You begin to question your sanity.”

In other news, I’m SO EXCITED for my race. My only concerns are my left ankle and hip (which has begun bothering me again, unfortunately, after months and months of no troubles). Mentally, I think I’m ready. I want to finish. I need to finish. I can’t quit. I’ve never DNF’d and I’m not about to start. Plus, David – who was originally going to race as well – won’t be able to do the full race, but he has agreed to pace me for the last lap (16.6 x3, urgh), which will be exceedingly helpful. His task: do whatever it takes to get me over that finish line by my own power.

Ok, gotta run (ha ha) – time to stock up on veggies!
peace love and running!


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