ah, good run.

Just ran 9, mostly on the trails 1.5mi away from my apartment… I was originally planning on doing the same loop as yesterday, but changed my plans after I left. Only downside of today’s run: I ended up wearing my Brooks, which – while I’m quite satisfied with them for roads – are definitely not made for zipping around trails. The way I had them laced probably had something to do with that, but they were loose and sliding around, which is not at all what I need when my left ankle is already weak/unstable. I tightened them up, and that helped, but it still wasn’t the feel that I want and am used to for trails. Ah well, it was still a good run. I’ve found that thinking about my upcoming group training run and race, as well as my inspirations (Ellie and Lizzy, mainly) and the results of Western States really gets my energy and excitement levels back up if I’m feeling a little bleh or How am I going to run 50 miles?

But as I said, it was a good run after all – not too hot for a July afternoon, and my ankle wasn’t too bad at all (though I did take care to take some of the steep downhills pretty carefully – aka slowly – which is a shame, since during my last 50k, my downhills were fairly strong. I’m hoping my ankle doesn’t impede my hill performance that much; I’m going to try to get a couple good hill workouts in within the next two or three weeks).

I just noticed how much I put in parentheses in here. Hmm. Unrelated: drinking green tea looks a bit like drinking algae water, but is much tastier. I like it cold, Tazo brand.

But now, off to do core work!
peace love and running,


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