rest day, glorious rest day!

You know you’ve been running far enough and well enough when your rest day comes around and there isn’t a niggle of doubt in your mind – or your legs! – that you need it. (Well, maybe a little niggle, but not nearly a large enough niggle to be convincing.)

I’m scared for this weekend. I’m doing back-to-back long runs… for the first time. Saturday morning is a group training run for the racers; we’ll be doing the course loop, 16.6 miles. I’m hoping (and suspecting) that it will be fairly flat – the elevation gain is 1301 feet for one loop, 3903 overall… actually, I just looked into it, and HOORAY! It looks like it’ll be pretty much flat! ( Then on Sunday, I’m doing that loop twice. I really want to get familiar with the course.

I’m SO EXCITED for this race – half the time. The other half (usually when I’m running up a hill) consists of me thinking, “Why, why, why? What have I gotten myself into?” But lately I’ve just been leaning towards the I wish it were this weekend instead of over a month away! mindset. I feel good. I feel ready.

But while I’m waiting for that, I did what I do best. I ate a burrito. And it was good.

I need to start putting egg in my burritos again. Protein and whatnot. This one was a whole wheat tortilla, 1 egg (scrambled), some quinoa, sauteed onions and mushrooms, salt & pepper, and ketchup. Really hit the spot for some reason. Also consumed: a Nature Valley protein bar and one of the weird moist granola cookie banana/oatmeal bite things I made the other night.

peace love and running and delicious burritos and rest days,



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