i love running

So I’m pretty sure I’m actually obsessed with running. I scheduled myself a standard short run (1:15) and decided to do it on the mile-ish loop trail that’s about a mile and a half away from my apartment. And it was great. Just running around and around, not having to think about where you’re going, your feet having learned what to do and what to avoid and what to jump over after the first two loops… and this particular bit of trail is kind of similar in terms of elevation to the race course (aka flat, with basically one hill). So that was pretty great. Then I ran home, stretched, and… just wanted to run more. I mean, what else am I going to do (other than go to work for a couple hours and blog about running and eat food so I can run more)?

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been putting in a decent amount of mileage – the amount I should be doing every week, really. 45-60. And I’m feeling great. Stellar. Superb. Excellent. Awesome. Especially this weekend, doing 15ish then 13ish the next day… I think I’m going to adjust my work schedule for the rest of the summer so I can get a good solid 2 hours of running in every morning. I just need to avoid injury for 5 weeks…

But yeah. I’m glad I love running so very very much, because that makes it 100 percent clear and obvious that it is my passion, what I should do with my life – run a lot, get good at it, and work for something related to running (be it a magazine or a gear company). I realize this isn’t a very focused or well-written post, but I’m just so exuberant about running today and lately that I feel the need to happy-rant about it somewhere, and what better place that a running blog? I know you all share my enthusiasm  🙂

In short: running is great, and lately my running has been going so well, and I have been feeling great about it… life is just great, and I hope this feeling lasts for a very long time  🙂

peace love and running!

PS. Although I did trip and catch myself on a tree with the world’s roughest bark ever, so my fingers are currently kind of ragged and bloody and still throbbing a little… still, it was a good run.  🙂

PPS. I’m also hoping this isn’t my peak, and that by the time my race rolls around, I’m over it… but I won’t let that happen!

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