quick recovery

Well, I’m pleasantly surprised – it would seem that I’ve recovered from my run yesterday! The only residual/lingering pain is, oddly enough, in a muscle/tendon behind my knee. I think I can work that out by some easy running and lots of stretching, though (fingers crossed).

After watching the Olympic marathon this morning (jumped out of bed and ran downstairs like a kid at Christmas), I went out into the 90% humidity and did a relatively quick 4ish miles… well, the last two miles were quick. I did a 10-9-8-7 min/mile thing. I must say, a quick run like that (the last mile, anyway) is very nice once in a while to remind my legs that they can, in fact, move faster than 50k pace.  🙂

It’s a gorgeous day outside!
peace love and running!


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