rest day for my knee (and butternut squash)

Boo! Hiss! My knee is still pretty damn stiff from my run on Saturday, so I begrudgingly took today off – and it’s killing me! It’s so gorgeous outside, and it especially was this morning (cool temps, etc.). I’ve realized that without my run to anchor it, my day is hopelessly lost at sea with no direction and no point. Definitely running tomorrow, and hopefully my knee will agree with me. (It doesn’t hurt while I’m running, and it doesn’t even necessarily hurt now – it just feels pretty stiff and awkward, and when I fully extend my leg it twinges a little.)

peace love and running injury-free (I wish)

PS. making use of my time, at least – finally got around to baking the butternut squash I’ve had on my counter for… well, a couple weeks, at least. Kind of a fall food, but (a) it’s still delicious and (b) I think I’m pretty much ready for fall…

Just dice up the squash, mix with a little olive oil and spices (I just used sage & sea salt this time) and pop it in the oven at 350-375 for an hour-ish.


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