last pre-race run…

I did my last real run before my race this morning, just an easy 45 minutes, about half on trails (although I mainly avoided hills and rocky segments, didn’t want to risk getting a dumb injury three days before the race). It was 97% percent humidity, but cool.

Majorly psyched for my race… except for the getting up at 4:45 a.m. part. Ugh. How I dread that moment… but then the rest of my day will be awesome. Current forecast for Saturday: low 51/high 71 with a 40% chance of rain. Not too bad.

Side note: definitely going vegan, and not just because I’m rereading Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run for the third time. (Seriously a must-read for any ultrarunner, or even non-ultra, or anyone, really.)

I’m planning on just doing some strides tomorrow to keep my legs active, but rested. For now, almost bedtime (because I am a Wild Party Animal and go to bed at like 10:30).

peace love and running!

PS. Have this picture of Angelo to make up for my lackluster post.


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