strides and running excitement

As the title suggests, I did some quick strides and about a mile of really easy running to and from the field where I did them. Woke at 6:30, in the dark, and was disgruntled only for a moment before all my excitement about running returned.

You see, I found a 100-miler that I can do. It’s November 3, in Missouri – about a 10.5h drive from here. The Ozark Trail 100 (OT100). I’m SUPER PUMPED. But I need to maintain my focus on the present – Saturday – rather than jump two months ahead to my first 100.


(It’s incredibly challenging not to register now, but I’m practicing – with extreme difficulty – patience and waiting until after my race this weekend to do so. And by “after my race” I pretty much mean “as soon as I have a device with an internet connection in my hands, preferably at the finish line.”)

Plus, there’s a 50k on the same course as the Buckeye Buster that I did in June… on December 1. The snowy hills will probably set me back closer to the cutoff time, but it’s still going to be great because my awesome roommate and really good friend Camille is doing it with me! It will be her first ultra. So proud  🙂  (She’s also doing Chicago with me – or rather, I’m doing Chicago with her. She’s going to try to qualify for Boston, and I’m using it as a training run… even if it is on roads…)

So there’s just a lot to be excited for! This weekend, Chicago in October, my 99%-sure-it’s-happening-100-miler in November, and the Bigfoot 50k in December. I love running, guys! I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night for all the running-related thoughts racing through my head (ha ha).

peace love and running!
a very exuberant bec

PS. In my oatmeal this morning, I added chia and hemp and flax seeds along with the usual tsp of brown sugar, and it was delicious. Something about the hemp gave it a really great flavor.


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