Hello world! I’ve returned from the dreary world of Not Being Able To Run!
I’m finally getting over my cold enough that I can run a couple miles at a decently fast clip (for me, slightly under 8s) without my chest totally hating me. My heels both still hurt a little, annoyingly, but I think that’ll go away once I get my flexibility back up from running (yay running!).

So yeah. Hopefully things in my life will go back to normal once I start running again… it was until I really couldn’t (about two weeks) that I realized just how much running keeps me sane and balanced and happy. Without it, I started to get a bit depressed and just generally more stressed and unsatisfied with myself and my life. But now…! Things are looking bright and happy once more!

Oh, and one of the local papers is doing an article on my running, I guess… which is cool. Hopefully the *photoshoot* (cringe?) on the trails (very not cringe) won’t be too awkward. I mean, I never think about what I look like when I run, but there also aren’t usually photogs on my runs. Except races, but no one looks good in race pictures. Or any running pictures, really – unless you’re one of Those People. (Tony, Jenn, etc.)

Plus my cat is adorable.

So yeah. I’m back!

peace love and FINALLY running!


5 thoughts on “I RAN

  1. Yea, that’s a cute cat alright!
    It’s great that you’re running again and feeling better. Were you able to get a refund on that 100 mile race?? I’m the same way when I’m not running, I don’t feel like myself. You’re going to be famous and I’ll be able to say “I knew her when…”


  2. Alas, I was not, but I emailed the “merciful gods of the OT100) basically begging for a deferral for next year. And haha, I doubt I’ll be famous. Just… ha. No.


    • I’m probably going to skip my road half marathon on 10/28. I won’t be able to run the whole thing by then with my lack of training and I think I would rather go to Halloween parties the night of the 27th than suffer the indignity of walking during a road half. No refund for me either. Lesson learned.


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