blood means it was a good run

Finally, finally got out to some decent trails this weekend! Saturday I was out at Pinckney Rec Area for my “photoshoot” for the paper, which involved me running on a stretch of trail twice. It took about two minutes. I decided to just do an out-and-back on the trail, about 45 minutes… but that was enough time to get a nice badge of honor.

It didn’t hurt when I fell, but when I got back to the parking lot, I saw this. Surprise!
I was able to run another 12-ish at the same rec area on Sunday. Upon returning home, I made these peanut butter balls for my roommate, who ran Chicago (3:42!).

I made these chocolate-covered peanut/almond butter balls for my roommate after Chicago… Then I ate like five at lunch and now I feel vaguely ill. Too much of a good thing… Might have to do another 12 today to redeem myself :P

So good – but don’t eat more than about two, if you’re like me. I missed breakfast this morning (sob!) since I woke up at 8:30 for my 8:30 class, then ate a big healthy lunch… then finished it off with five – FIVE – of these bad boys. Needless to say, I almost skipped my 1:00 class in favor of laying on my bed going nrrrrrrrr that was a bad idea. But I was good. I went to class. Then I ran 11 good miles to redeem myself. (It was going to be 13.5-ish, but my feet/ankles were oddly sore and I’ve learned my lesson – it’s not quitting, it’s listening to my body and being smart about things!)

I also made oven-roasted potatoes (oven at 450, cut small red potatoes into eighths, mix in a bowl with olive oil and seasonings of your choice – e.g., rosemary, sage, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, basil, and oregano – and bake for about 40 minutes, flipping/stirring them halfway through). They’re already in the fridge, though, so no picture.  😦

peace love and finally back to running!


One thought on “blood means it was a good run

  1. Nice one! I’ve yet to earn a badge of honor. Hopefully mine won’t come with a compound fracture or something like that. Also, Are those Brooks PureGrit shoes??
    Stephanie and I had Oven French Fries tonight. Almost the same procedure but you also soak the starch out of the potatoes before cooking. I’ll have to blog about it soon. I’m glad your back to some good long runs!


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