In the past week, I have sent two important emails:

1. To the OT100 RD(s), letting them know that I will most likely not be running their race, sadly. Also, I begged for a deferral for next year in hopes of not totally wasting about $250. (!)

2. To the UM100 RDs, begging to be let in even though the race filled up by Sept. 23 (275 limit). Slim chance they’ll let me in just because I’m 19, but hey, worth a shot! It’s in April, so I’dd be nicely trained up by then, and I might squeeze another 50 in there somewhere. At least another 50k after the Bigfoot in December.

I shall keep you all updated.

peace love and running,


One thought on “UM100

  1. So, is there way for you to train for the sheer time it takes for a 100?? The sleep deprivation and all? That’s the part that seems kinda crazy about it to me. If you don’t get into the 100, come to California and run the Leona Divide 50/50 with me! It’s April 28th. I’ll be doing the 50k, you can feel free to do the 50 mile. It’s supposed to be a really good race.


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