no UM100, but climbing!

As I predicted, UM100 was filled, no exceptions. That’s ok, though, because I found a couple other strong possibilities… right now, my top choice is tied between the Bryce Canyon 100 in Utah (May 31) as a dream 100, and the more realistic Indiana Trail 100 (only because it’s closer). BC100 is an out-and-back course, one time, at 8-9k ft along gorgeous subalpine trails in canyons and other gorgeousness. The Indiana one is six loops in Indiana. Obviously, Bryce Canyon would be infinitely cooler, and because classes will be over by then, I could make it a 1-2 week trip of running and nature! Hooray! I’ll have plenty of time to train my ass off, so hopefully I’ll be able to actually run/powerhike (rather than slog/trudge/limp/etc.) most of the way. The cutoff is the standard 30 hours, which I think will be fine. Let the 100-miler training officially BEGIN!

…tomorrow. I’m taking today off since I ran yesterday and Mondays are usually my off days, plus I’m going to a dinner for a friend’s birthday, then CLIMBING for the first time in ages with my good friend who is visiting from Colorado. So yay climbing! And yay 100-milers! Yay fall!

peace love and running,

PS. My blog has had quite a busy day – I can only assume it’s from the article. Cool! Thanks to everyone who stopped by  🙂


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