climbing n things

Hello once more.

So I took Tuesday off because my friend from Colorado was visiting, and we climbed and talked until the wee hours of the morning. Then I took Wednesday off to nap and eat Chipotle (GUAC) and climb again, because I was having a blehhhh day and really didn’t feel like running the 13-18 I’d planned on. With my 100 planned for the end of May and only a 50k in December on the schedule, then a 50 in Virginia with my roommate in… February, I think, there’s not a whole lot of immediate pressure to ramp up the training. I don’t want to get burned out on running… plus it’s unseasonably cold. 30 degrees in the beginning of October? Come on, weather, play fair. (Ha ha – a weather pun.)

So climbing is fun. I’m laughably bad at it – I’ve sent 5.9 and V1+. If you know nothing about climbing, pretend that I’m amazing. If you know anything at all about climbing, feel free to giggle. Despite the fact that I’m Not Great, it’s still super fun and extremely satisfying when you finally send something… even if it *is* an easy rating. I’ve only actually gone four or five times, I think, but I want to start going a lot more for cross-training/core work, especially once the true winter hits and all is nasty and frigid outside.

Off to class, then back to Silver Lake for 13 or 18! It’s nice and sunny, but a bit breezy and chilly… but it’ll be good.  🙂

peace love and running!

2 thoughts on “climbing n things

  1. A 100 miles sounds like an insane distance to run! Good luck with that, most impressive! I can imagine climbing could be quite good for keeping the weight off and strengthening core. Remember it doesn’t matter who’s climbing the hardest, just who’s having the most fun!


    • Hey, thanks! And yeah, right now I’m definitely just climbing for the fun and satisfaction… although I would like to be halfway decent at bouldering in the foreseeable future. 🙂


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