mileage 10/14 – 10/20

Whew. I’m exhausted and drained.
A fairly easy week in terms of mileage… mixed with a hellish workload for classes. Ugh – midterms. And of course this week has been chock-full of wonderful fall weather that I have to miss for the most part.

Sunday – 11 (to the dexter cider mill!)
Monday – off
Tuesday – 7
Wednesday – off
Thursday – 7 (new trails!)
Friday – 13 (new trails near my house!)
Saturday – 7.5ish (a little tired from yesterday’s run)
Sunday – 4ish

Total: about 45-47
Total time: 7:08

A good running week… not running every day, but all my runs were good and I felt fairly strong. This taking-days-off-and-running-farther thing is nice… but I need to get back to running farther and taking fewer days off. Once midterms are over… sigh. Colorado is calling.

peace love and running as an escape from studying!

View of the river across the street from the trails I ran today.

A rainy but still pretty shot of the bridle trails I ran twice this week. So many gorgeous colors – shifting from a forest full of magical golds, yellows, and ambers to deep oranges and rich reds… mmm, I love me some fall colors!


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