Reality check

Just went out to run in nice, warm-ish, sunny (but VERY windy) weather… Wednesdays are generally going to be shorter, 1-1.5h I think (because of my work schedule), but today was especially short. See, the thing about running is that even if I had oodles of motivation, buckets of it, motivation out the wazoo, that doesn’t mean squat if my muscles aren’t up to it. “Getting back into it” and “working back up to it” and “slowly increasing mileage” are evil evil things. No matter how much we runners hate it, they’re true. Today, I was forced to acknowledge the fact that despite my freshly-returned HOORAY RUNNING FOREVER ALL THE TIME mindset, my muscles can’t just magically rewind to where they were two months – even one month – ago, when 13ish was little more than a nice average run. Which is why I ran about three miles before deciding that the Stick was waiting for me at home, and my quads were begging to be rolled. So now begins the annoying-but-worth-it-to-avoid-injury week or so of patiently building back up.


peace love and (smart) running!


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