The inevitable dilemma of a runner in flu season

We’ve all been there: the sniffles have slowly been escalating, we’ve had a cough here and there, and now we’re starting to feel fatigued and, well, bleh. And so arises the question: go out and try to run it off, or tuck ourselves into bed with hot tea and a couple issues of Trail Runner?

It’s always a ridiculously tough question for me. I start asking myself how bad I really feel, if I feel the way I do solely because of a possible sickness, if I’m just looking for a way to legitimize a day off, etc. My brain goes into overdrive and I end up… well, I end up writing a post about it rather than just lacing up and seeing how I feel. (At the moment, the pressure in my head makes me cringe just thinking of the jarring my poor sinuses would take with every step.)

But it boils down to this: when you’re getting sick (or think you might be), do you suck it up and try to run it off, or do you stick with “traditional” mentalities and rest up? (Either way, stay hydrated and get plenty of good old vitamin C!)

I’ll let you know what happens with me. I’m at least climbing later, that’s for sure. peace love and running!


4 thoughts on “The inevitable dilemma of a runner in flu season

    • Hi! Yeah, I usually do get out and run, but I think I’m going to just chill today… it’s already cold and dark here in good ol’ Michigan, and I didn’t get much sleep last night. I really want to avoid getting the nastiness that’s been going around campus. Meh.
      Checked out your blog, I’ll be following you! 🙂


      • Thanks for following. And oh well it may be a different story if I was in Michigan… Here in NC we barely ever get into the teens and we’re having an extremely warm winter (low of 43 tonight). But since I’m currently camping outside for men’s basketball tickets, I’m not complaining! 🙂


  1. Flu is bad this year. I am a nurse at a university hospital. We have closed the hospital to visitors other than spouses/parents. I have never seen us close down like that before. I do the flu shot and run and hope the sickness stays away. Good luck!


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