Can’t resist a good cheeky pun.


Ok, I’m done now. I went out for a little less than two and a half hours after classes today, meaning that a solid two hours of my run was either in the fading chalky blues and greys of a winter sunset, or plain old wintery dark. This meant that it was cold. For some reason – maybe just the amount of time I was out and the fact that I wasn’t moving super quickly – my butt got really, really cold with about 45 min/1h left. I was wearing my tried-and-true UnderArmour tights which, although not made specifically for running, have served me well over the years. (I do have a pair of Brooks Utopia Thermal tights coming soon, which is exciting.) My torso and hands were a little cold too – the first time I’ve actually been cold while running this winter, and not incredibly uncomfortably so… although I may have just lost feeling in my hips/butt/thighs.

Which eventually I did. And when I did get back, showering was almost painful (almost, but not quite. Hot showers after runs are The Best Showers Ever.). My posterior was extremely red and had a stinging/burning sensation; my quads weren’t as bad. It took a while to go away even after a long, hot shower.

So anyway, that’s today’s running misadventure: exploring some new trails (with one VERY sketchy spot which, of course, I ended up running by as the sun was setting), getting minor butt frostbite, and the following derp moment:

I’m waiting to cross a busy street. A bus stops. I’m confused; there’s no bus stop, and I think it’s pretty clear that I’m out running, not waiting for a bus. The bus driver waves impatiently as if to say, “Well? Are you getting on or not?” I shake my head and motion that he should keep going, then it hits me: he’s waiting for me to cross.
This is why buses should not stop for runners to cross roads. It’s confusing.

peace love and STAY WARM running!


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