Rest days are helpful after all, and so is road salt

Last Saturday, I felt guilty about taking a rest day… until I woke up on Sunday feeling so much better. My feet weren’t aching and my calves were blessedly un-tight. True, I ended up taking an entirely unnecessary second day off, but that was for non-running reasons (read: cuddly day in bed followed by watching four of my friends attempt a 10+ pound burrito challenge) and I have no regrets about Sunday. No. Regrets. (Especially because I wasn’t one of the ones who was trying to eat a monster jabenero-filled burrito…)

Since I’d taken the weekend off, I changed Monday from the usual rest day to two split runs, due to time constraints. My morning run was almost perilous: I found myself running/sliding down hilly sidewalks totally coated in not-too-thin layers of ice, trying to maintain enough control to avoid slipping into intersections, and doing a lot of icy, slushy puddle-jumping. Of course, by the end of the run, my feet were soaked through anyway, but for the first ten or fifteen minutes you can’t resist hoping that maybe, just maybe, this will be the one magical run where your feet stay dry and warm. ‘Twas not the case, but it was still a good little 5-ish miles. Had a friendly fellow tell me it was a beautiful morning for a run, and to be safe (on account of the ice and things). Did another 5-ish tempo run later in the day, once more things had melted so I was able to actually go at a decent pace.

Yesterday was a day of extreme unmotivation (totally a word). Went to work in the morning, but once I laid back down in bed, I was there for the afternoon. Classes? What classes? Planned 13 miles? Pssh. I had South Park and some pretzels… and on top of that, it was grey and rainy and eventually thundering outside, so I had zero motivation.
But then Camille came back from work and we both convinced each other to run, so we finally, FINALLY dragged ourselves out the door and did a nice muddy, rainy, easy 7.5, followed by soup-making!

Made veggie soup and mashed butternut squash with Camille after our run (about 7.5 miles, after a total lack of motivation to get out), plus organized our cupboards. Its a good night :)
Veggie soup. Contains: veggies, ww pasta, a potato, and water. 

So there you have it. Even a depressing day of no motivation whatsoever can turn around and be a happy evening and night, filled with soup, butternut squash, and cinnamon raisin bread.  🙂

peace love and running!


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