Giving into temptation…

I ran last night.

It was just 36 minutes/4+ miles and my suspected stress fracture only twinged a little bit when I accidentally switched to forefoot on a downhill, but still. Rest time is for just that – resting. I ran again today, just three miles, and I could feel a little dull pain in the spot even on relatively flat ground and a midfoot strike. So it’s looking like I’ll need to take more time off, hopefully just a week or so. (Although there’s no such thing as “just” a week off for a runner. Sigh.)

On the bright side (literally), it was sunny and relatively warm – almost 30 – for my little jaunt. It’s a good day after all, despite any injury.  🙂

peace love and running!


Fourth day of non-running

I just want to run, guys. This is pretty lame. (Literally.)

I ran up and down the halls at work today and could feel the threatening stress fracture, and even sitting here with my legs crossed I can feel some sort of pressure/pain there – probably from my calves. They’re big. I love the jeans I’m wearing right now, but my calves are literally bursting out of the seams. (They fit everywhere else, except they’re too big in the waist… #runnerbodyproblems.) I’m going to try running very short (4-5 mi) tomorrow or Wednesday, just in my PureFlows and with a normal midfoot strike, and see how that goes.

In other news, Sketchers made a minimalist trainer/road shoe…? With “midfoot strike technology”? Ha ha ha haaaa. I spent a good 1/4 of the rest of the game (that I actually watched) looking into these shoes instead of paying attention to the game (or extremely mediocre halftime show). 4mm drop and 6.9/4.9 oz (M/W 9/6). Somehow I don’t think I’ll be switching to… Sketchers for my road shoe. Even if they got the standard minimalist road format a little bit on, they didn’t come out with anything different, don’t have much professional credibility, and are just jumping onto the minimalist boat too late to gain any traction (tread/shoe pun), in my opinion.

peace love and recovery,

Stress fracture sadness

stress fracture suspect
X marks the spot of the offending probable stress fracture.

It’s still pretty early, but – being a runner – I know the telltale signs. Pain during a workout, gradually starting earlier in each run, and taking longer to go away… and the most telling sign: increased pain when you press on that one specific spot (hence the X). My pain still pretty much goes away after the run, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Actually, that’s a lie. I really, really want to take a risk and just keep running on it and hope it doesn’t get worse – which, of course, it would. But since I’m training for a 100, want to keep running, and want to start thinking more like an actual competitive/racing runner in training, I need to be responsible. And that means taking time off for an overuse injury.


At least it’s far enough away where I think taking a week (or… two… gulp) off won’t impinge on my training too much. It’ll definitely set me back, but I think I should be able to come back. And worse comes to worst, I can do a different 100.

But I don’t want to.

So share. How do you guys deal with injuries and taking time off?

peace love and… time off.

Winter night hill workout and new tights!

Last night found me unmotivated once more, thanks to a headache and disgustingly frigid gusts. Camille came to the rescue, though, and got me to do mile-long hill repeats. It was actually not terrible… dare I say that I enjoyed it? Or would have more, had my shin bit/potential stress fracture not hurt. It’s still just a dull pain for the most part, but the fact that’s it’s so centralized/such a specific spot has me worried. Plus, it hurts when I press on it – not a great sign. But it was still a good little workout, and I got in about 8 miles rather than the zero of wimping out.

And I got new tights from Brooks! It was kind of hard to judge weather (pun!) or not they were warmer than my old UnderArmour tights since the wind was cutting right through, but they’re definitely more comfortable and very reflective and cool-looking. I’m a running ninja! Next purchase will have to be some windproof tights… stupid winter.

Oh, and I got a headband and another pair of SmartWool socks too. And an IceBreaker ls shirt. And four boxes of Clif bars. I’m all stocked up for the rest of the winter  🙂

peace love and running!