Stress fracture sadness

stress fracture suspect
X marks the spot of the offending probable stress fracture.

It’s still pretty early, but – being a runner – I know the telltale signs. Pain during a workout, gradually starting earlier in each run, and taking longer to go away… and the most telling sign: increased pain when you press on that one specific spot (hence the X). My pain still pretty much goes away after the run, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Actually, that’s a lie. I really, really want to take a risk and just keep running on it and hope it doesn’t get worse – which, of course, it would. But since I’m training for a 100, want to keep running, and want to start thinking more like an actual competitive/racing runner in training, I need to be responsible. And that means taking time off for an overuse injury.


At least it’s far enough away where I think taking a week (or… two… gulp) off won’t impinge on my training too much. It’ll definitely set me back, but I think I should be able to come back. And worse comes to worst, I can do a different 100.

But I don’t want to.

So share. How do you guys deal with injuries and taking time off?

peace love and… time off.

5 thoughts on “Stress fracture sadness

  1. Hi Becca,

    I developed a pain in my foot Thursday. It still hurt last night so I canceled 26 miles of running this weekend. I’ve learned as I think you are that it’s just not worth it to push through a beginning injury and then have it get much worse. The science shows that if you take two weeks off you loose so little fitness you won’t even notice it. Even four weeks isn’t going to set you back much at all. A BAD stress fracture and your down for 6 months or longer – you don’t want that.

    I need to get better a cross training when injured. I don’t like biking or swimming but I should to it. Hopefully you can do some training just to keep you moving.

    Take care of yourself! Don’t put your race in jeopardy.
    (FYI, can’t see the picture)


    • Bummer about your foot pain! I hope it goes away quickly. Yeah, I’m just going to suck it up and go to the gym and climb a whole lot more – better safe than sorry. And I suppose January is the best possible time for an injury, if you know what I mean. It’s freezing.
      And thanks, I’ll change the picture.


  2. I’m out for few days too. Hence, reading blogs about running instead of Actual running. I dont ever worry about the fitness, but more about gaining weight. Broccolli and grapefruit for me for a few days!


  3. uggggh I hate that!!! That spot where you put that “x” is alllll too familiar. I just started running again in November and immediately adopted forefoot running and wearing minimal shoes… I was feeling good and tackled a 12er a couple days into getting back running…buttttttt yah, that pain came out of nowhere. I never felt that before. i thought it was because I took on this new form of running (well it was new to me), so at first ignored it, but when i went on a run a couple days after it was painful, yes, especially when i touched it. So I hesitatingly took a week off, kept it wrapped during the course of the day, elevated it at night and ate more protein that I usually do… after that I just paid more attention to form, and am now following a training plan for my runs and most of all getting good warm ups and stretches and listening to my body. There are times that i start feeling that pain, so i just either slow it up and watch my form orrrrr I just press through it…that’s what i’ve been doing as of late…good luck!!!!!


    • Wow, thanks! Good to know that happened to other people. Well not good, but you know what I mean. I’ll try that, I know my form wasn’t 100 percent at the same time as increasing my mileage.


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