Winter night hill workout and new tights!

Last night found me unmotivated once more, thanks to a headache and disgustingly frigid gusts. Camille came to the rescue, though, and got me to do mile-long hill repeats. It was actually not terrible… dare I say that I enjoyed it? Or would have more, had my shin bit/potential stress fracture not hurt. It’s still just a dull pain for the most part, but the fact that’s it’s so centralized/such a specific spot has me worried. Plus, it hurts when I press on it – not a great sign. But it was still a good little workout, and I got in about 8 miles rather than the zero of wimping out.

And I got new tights from Brooks! It was kind of hard to judge weather (pun!) or not they were warmer than my old UnderArmour tights since the wind was cutting right through, but they’re definitely more comfortable and very reflective and cool-looking. I’m a running ninja! Next purchase will have to be some windproof tights… stupid winter.

Oh, and I got a headband and another pair of SmartWool socks too. And an IceBreaker ls shirt. And four boxes of Clif bars. I’m all stocked up for the rest of the winter  🙂

peace love and running!


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