Fourth day of non-running

I just want to run, guys. This is pretty lame. (Literally.)

I ran up and down the halls at work today and could feel the threatening stress fracture, and even sitting here with my legs crossed I can feel some sort of pressure/pain there – probably from my calves. They’re big. I love the jeans I’m wearing right now, but my calves are literally bursting out of the seams. (They fit everywhere else, except they’re too big in the waist… #runnerbodyproblems.) I’m going to try running very short (4-5 mi) tomorrow or Wednesday, just in my PureFlows and with a normal midfoot strike, and see how that goes.

In other news, Sketchers made a minimalist trainer/road shoe…? With “midfoot strike technology”? Ha ha ha haaaa. I spent a good 1/4 of the rest of the game (that I actually watched) looking into these shoes instead of paying attention to the game (or extremely mediocre halftime show). 4mm drop and 6.9/4.9 oz (M/W 9/6). Somehow I don’t think I’ll be switching to… Sketchers for my road shoe. Even if they got the standard minimalist road format a little bit on, they didn’t come out with anything different, don’t have much professional credibility, and are just jumping onto the minimalist boat too late to gain any traction (tread/shoe pun), in my opinion.

peace love and recovery,


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