Most addictive granola I’ve ever made, and veggie couscous mix

Whipped up some granola before class this morning… and it ended up being possibly the most delicious granola I’ve made to date. It turned out light and crunch and (3Recipe: Mix 3 cups oats (maybe a little more), 4 T brown sugar, sliced almonds, chia, hemp, pumpkin & flax seeds to preference (and maybe coconut shreds).

Boil 1/4 C maple syrup, 2.5 T water, and roughly 4 T coconut oil (probably not 4 full T since it’s hard to scoop), and a smidgen of vanilla to boil. Drizzle it over the dry mix, stir, and bake for 35 minutes at 375, turning halfway. Let cool before eating and try not to break up the pieces when you’re turning it.

Then at lunch I made a nice little veggie/couscous mix. 1 C couscous, 2 each zucchini and yellow squash (oven-roasted at 400 until soft mixed in olive oil/rosemary/sage), mushrooms/onions/carrots sauteed, salt/pepper/creole seasoning.

veggie couscous


peace love and noms,


Well kids, the stress fracture’s back

And this time with a vengeance, it seems. I only did 40 so far this week, with 15 (4.5 + 10.6) yesterday, and last night, the stress fracture/reaction spot was hurting quite a bit. It’s also a lot more sensitive; my cat stepped on it and that really hurt. Just as I was starting to get a good training schedule down, too… but isn’t that always how it goes? In my ideal world, I’d be doing 15-20 miles per day during the week (two runs, of course), with long back-to-back runs on the weekend, plus climbing 2-3 times per week and doing core every day. Apparently my body doesn’t care for that idea too much.

So I guess I’ll be taking MORE time off. I understand it, but I hate it so, so much. I also might actually go and get it checked out this time so I know how bad (or hopefully not too bad) it is. And I figure I need to make sure it’s 100 percent better before summer, because then, by god, you won’t be able to stop me from running and hiking and generally doing all sorts of active things that stress fractures don’t like.

peace love and running, if you can.

Yay running, showers, and food

Got out to the trails yesterday between classes and work and was able to do 13-14 at a decent pace despite the trail being mostly ice, still. My legs felt so good and, once I was all warmed up (about an hour and a half, haha), the run just flew by. It was really windy (>20mph) and snowing on and off, but I was pretty protected in the woods. Just a great run, one of those where you finish and feel bursting with energy and happiness.   🙂

Also, a couple days ago I finished reading Once A Runner (again) and was in a workout mood, so I did 6 4-minute hill repeats. Yowsa. My quads loved/hated it; I loved it. It’s always nice to remind yourself that you can have some speed. I’m going to start incorporating more speedwork/hillwork into my weekly schedule, probably just one day a week, but still something.

I’ll do a photo post later today or tomorrow, I have lots of food things to share.  🙂
peace love and long hot showers after really good runs!

mileage 3/11 – 3/17 (first week back!)

Well, it was my first real week back from my stress fracture… and I think I may have jumped back in a little too eagerly, since for the last two or three runs, I’ve been feeling that stress fracture spot a little too keenly for my liking. Rather than my planned 18 today, then, I ended up doing a light six – far from ideal, but I definitely don’t want to have to take more time off. Plus, I have that half this Saturday for my Pikes Peak qualifier and I want to be able to do that.

So mileage this week was light, as expected, although it was definitely a breath of fresh air (literally, ha ha) to get back out on the trails.

Monday – prescribed rest day
Tuesday – am. 2.5 (in Bare Access)
pm. 8.5
Wednesday – 10.5
Thursday – 0 (unscheduled)
Friday – 8
Saturday – 13
Sunday – 6

Total: 48.5 miles

Surprise blizzard run

Today’s weather has been so weird, alternating between mild and sunny to freezing gusting winds and driving snow. The middle of my 10.5 this afternoon fell under the latter category.

Not the most flattering picture, but it’s hard to look cute in blizzards. Not that it matters while running, anyway.

Snowy intersection. It was sunny at the beginning AND end of my run.

Climbed yesterday and the day before – my arms are sore. Hooray!
peace love and lots of things,

Trip report: Horse Pens 40

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to do something cool as a last hurrah before me left, so we headed south to climb in Alabama at Horse Pens 40, a very well-known bouldering spot with excellent rock and slopers galore. It was about a 12-hour drive and we hit some traffic and didn’t arrive until about 10:30 at night, but it was worth it when I woke up bright and early the first morning and unzipped the tent to see the sun just coming up over the boulders. That first day was gorgeous – sunny and 60 degrees – but the next few days hit highs around 45 and were generally overcast and windy. Luckily, the nights and mornings weren’t too cold, and there was ample opportunity for some great campfires.

In terms of what we climbed, I – being the beginner and my first time on real rock – was stuck on V0s and V1s, which was fine. The rock was just so nice and it was so awesome to finally be climbing real live boulders, I didn’t mind not being able to get any V2s. It was just a fun learning experience, and the rock was just so great. Did I mention the rock? Sticky but not sharp. Glorious huecos. Sticky slopers. Very very smooth slopers. Some tall things to climb. Did my first slab problems. Met some cool people.

We climbed for five or six hours a day, nothing crazy, pretty lax actually. For the last two days, his elbows were really bothering him, so he ended up not climbing all that much. Which was lame, but also meant that we could spend all day working on me.  😛

That pretty much sums it up: great rock, ok weather,


DSC_0237Classic HP40 slopers.DSC_0245 DSC_0253 DSC_0277 DSC_0291 DSC_0305 DSC_0311 DSC_0312 DSC_0330 IMG_1329 IMG_1333

MIA: stress fracture

Hello hello hello! Haven’t posted in forever because I was taking time off for that stress fracture. Well, the time has come. It seems to be gone! Two days ago, I got out for a little five-miler on the trails with one of my good friends. Although it was icy, it was still a good run, especially because my stress fracture spot didn’t hurt. And, as an added bonus, I didn’t feel that out of shape at all despite not having run in weeks!

So yesterday I headed out to the same trail system intending to do about 8, but I ended up doing the whole 13-mile loop. It was a really nice run and was good for me mentally (restored confidence in running/fitness level and because my boyfriend left for the Air Force two days ago), but the footing was terrible. The vast majority of the trail was covered in deep, frozen, slippery footprints. Thrown into the mix was some normal ice that you could sometimes break through to crash your foot into some nice freezing water, as well as some very sticky thick mud. But it was a great run nonetheless.

A not too terrible section of the trail. Downhills were treacherous.

Nice part of the trail about halfway through… just before the trail got really bad.

Mud. Is good.

Oh, also: I signed up for the Mud Dogs Half on March 23 just because I need a qualifier for Pikes Peak Ascent and I haven’t run a half in years, and they don’t take splits from other races.  :/  I’m interested to see how I do, since flat roads (even dirt roads) aren’t exactly my forte.

peace love and (finally) running (again)!