MIA: stress fracture

Hello hello hello! Haven’t posted in forever because I was taking time off for that stress fracture. Well, the time has come. It seems to be gone! Two days ago, I got out for a little five-miler on the trails with one of my good friends. Although it was icy, it was still a good run, especially because my stress fracture spot didn’t hurt. And, as an added bonus, I didn’t feel that out of shape at all despite not having run in weeks!

So yesterday I headed out to the same trail system intending to do about 8, but I ended up doing the whole 13-mile loop. It was a really nice run and was good for me mentally (restored confidence in running/fitness level and because my boyfriend left for the Air Force two days ago), but the footing was terrible. The vast majority of the trail was covered in deep, frozen, slippery footprints. Thrown into the mix was some normal ice that you could sometimes break through to crash your foot into some nice freezing water, as well as some very sticky thick mud. But it was a great run nonetheless.

A not too terrible section of the trail. Downhills were treacherous.

Nice part of the trail about halfway through… just before the trail got really bad.

Mud. Is good.

Oh, also: I signed up for the Mud Dogs Half on March 23 just because I need a qualifier for Pikes Peak Ascent and I haven’t run a half in years, and they don’t take splits from other races.  :/  I’m interested to see how I do, since flat roads (even dirt roads) aren’t exactly my forte.

peace love and (finally) running (again)!


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