Yay running, showers, and food

Got out to the trails yesterday between classes and work and was able to do 13-14 at a decent pace despite the trail being mostly ice, still. My legs felt so good and, once I was all warmed up (about an hour and a half, haha), the run just flew by. It was really windy (>20mph) and snowing on and off, but I was pretty protected in the woods. Just a great run, one of those where you finish and feel bursting with energy and happiness.   🙂

Also, a couple days ago I finished reading Once A Runner (again) and was in a workout mood, so I did 6 4-minute hill repeats. Yowsa. My quads loved/hated it; I loved it. It’s always nice to remind yourself that you can have some speed. I’m going to start incorporating more speedwork/hillwork into my weekly schedule, probably just one day a week, but still something.

I’ll do a photo post later today or tomorrow, I have lots of food things to share.  🙂
peace love and long hot showers after really good runs!


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