Glorious distances travelled on foot!

So I set out to actually Do Things in the mountains today. I glanced at the map and thought ok, looks like 8 miles, that’s fine. Got out, did the loop in 4 hours (with one lovely 10-minute waterfall break), got back, and checked the distance – only to realize that it was 14, not 8. Which is great. Now that I know that my shin(s) can take the distance/time, there’s nothing stopping me from Pikes Peak. Muahahaha. I’ll probably go for it in a couple days, during the week so it’s not crazy crowded.

But anyway: today’s hike was just fantastic. I started out in kind of a down mood for some reason, but after maybe half an hour of trekking uphill in a trance I realized with a start: Hey! I’m in a good mood again! Yay! and the rest of the hike was wonderful. I got up to around 9500 feet, so the middle bits were nice and cool with those life-giving mountain breezes. There’s nothing a good solid long hike (or run) can’t solve – except for stress fractures, unfortunately.

One thing I like about hiking compared to running is that it gives you more time. It just has a different pace to it, even if you’re hiking hard. There’s a little more time to really look around and get a feel for where you are, to soak in the mountain environment and groove with it. Sounding like a hippie but whatever. And I definitely feel less guilty about taking a break while I’m hiking than while I’m running. (Another plus: moving a little slower means less chance of missing a turn/giving you more time to think about where you’re going. I didn’t get lost today. Hooray instincts!)

The most perfect little waterfall. I took a 10-minute break here; so rejuvenating!

Nice aspen-y area.

Runs this pretty make me want to cry.

So yep, today’s hike was good. Real good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat everything in sight. (Another thing I miss about running 15 miles a day.)

peace love and hiking and running!


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