I’m coming for you…

I hiked 3.5 miles up Barr Trail this morning (and ran back down in less than half the time, that’s always fun!). I was uncertain about when I’d be able to go up because of my shins and now my quad, but when I saw this sign… man, I was feeling it. I had the itch. The only reason I didn’t keep going was insufficient water, and I had someone waiting for me at the bottom. But I knew – I know – I’ll make it up just fine, assorted semi-injuries or no. My goal is sub-5, which is totally doable. Last time I made it up in 4:42, I think, and that was with basically no running on what I can now recognize as extremely runnable trails even if they are at 10,000 feet. That last mile will still probably take an hour, but if I maintain about 3 mph the rest of the way, I should be fine.

Flashback: August of last year. 4:42 ascent.

A few other shots from today’s little jaunt:

The peak peeking at me… I see you! 

Columbine flower.

I love these – mountain bluebells or something?

Also in the works for sometime before I leave CO: a few days on the Colorado Trail, somewhere in segments 10-14, about 60 miles-ish, 3 or 4 days. So pumped.

peace love and MOUNTAINS!


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