An actual run happened.

Most of my running lately has been sporadic, in the middle of hikes. Which is a good time to be sure, but I felt that I needed to get out and just run. I found some flattish trails and ran 7 miles. And I felt a bit tired  at the end.


I’m not a fan of this long injury deal. Or this not-being-in-running-shape deal. It’s been years since I’ve felt tired after a non-speedwork 7 miler. And trust me, this was not speedwork. Barely sub-9. I’m not beating myself up about it because (a) I’ve been injured so (b) I haven’t been running, and (c) it’s not like I’m completely out of shape, but still. I can’t wait to finally go get this checked out once I’m back in Michigan.


Also, a brief thought on healthy eating. It’s so simple and it makes such a huge difference. For some weird reason, probably the stress of being in a weird transitional situation and other things, I’ve been slipping majorly – not even sticking to vegan things. I had straight up vanilla ice cream the other night. The day before was filled with thin mints and chocolate chips. It’d odd because normally, I don’t even really think about or crave those sorts of things any more. But it doesn’t take too long to slip into a kind of downward spiral. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to be motivated to stop and to actually do it, since eating normally (healthy) is delicious and makes you feel so much better. Oh right, that was my other point. Eating poorly – or even not 100 percent healthy – has such a big impact on so many things, for me anyway. My mood got grumpy and pessimistic and generally blah, and I lost motivation and willpower and those sorts of things. But all it takes is one or two days of being back to normal (for me anyway) and then I’m good. For instance, I went out and ran this morning, then came back and made a berry/spinach smoothie slushy deal. A good start to the day helps so much in having a snappy good rest of the day.

Ok, mini-rant over. Going to go make some sort of food now.
peace love and balance!

PS. speaking of balance, I’m doing yoga again.


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