Biking thoughts

Since I’m still out of commission from running for at least another three weeks (not too bad, but I’m so looking forward to my first run back!), I’ll provide a few thoughts on biking. That’s what I’ve been doing, primarily.

  1. Speed. The speed in biking is nice. There’s speed in running sometimes, workouts and the ends of races and powering up hills, but not this kind of speed. Wind rushing by as you go down the road at 20 mph, bumping up and down trails and fearing for your life… at no point in running will I find myself hurtling down a hilly dirt road at 35 mph in a torrential downpour, whooping in exhilaration (I tend to startle drivers). It’s purely a different form of motion and it is good.
  2. Distance. Or rather, a greater distance over the same period of time. Biking allows for a much larger range covered. Running 18 miles takes me what, just under three hours? I bike that in a third of the time. And while I haven’t done any Long Rides (I usually do 15-20, or 60-80 minutes), that option is available, and without much preparation.
  3. Enjoyment. For some reason, when I’m able to run and I think about biking, it just doesn’t seem fun – probably just because I love running so damn much. But in a way, not being able to run has opened my mind to other things like biking, yoga, interval workouts (HIIT), and strength training… and theoretically swimming. But whenever I do hop on a bike, whether it be road or mountain, I love it. Especially once I’m in good enough biking shape to actually power up hills rather than doing whatever the biking equivalent of trudging is. Slogging, maybe? Anyway, it’s something good and different, a nice change of pace. (Literally.)

So yeah, biking’s been good to me. I’ve been slacking on abs and yoga, but biking consistently and finally getting back on track with being a Good Little Vegan. And, because I need to fill these waning days of summer with something, I’m going to do a mini-series of anecdotes from my running career thus far.

peace love and (for now) biking!


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