So, 100 before 21…

…yeah, not gonna happen. I’m not going to make my goal of a 100M before 21.

It’s just not realistic, at all, at this point. I haven’t really been running since January, I’m currently officially on stress fracture rest, and I turn 21 in December. And I’m surprisingly okay with this fact – I think because I’m not missing my goal because I’ve been slacking, but because I’ve had bona fide injuries, and now I’m finally being smart about it. And I’m still going to try to do one as soon as possible, while staying injury-free.

But the problem remains: what to do about the blog? I don’t want to stop writing about my running, so should I change the title/URL? Or just keep it to avoid confusion?

How’s 100M-ASAP sound?


3 thoughts on “So, 100 before 21…

  1. You can just call it “training for 100m”. Something simple like that. Glad to hear you are being smart about your injury. At your age you will have plenty of time to train and run throughout your life. Just stay smart and listen to your body.

    Good job.


    • Thanks! That’s what I’m thinking. While I’d like to get one done soon, at a relatively young age (especially in ultrarunning), I know that I probably won’t peak for another 10-15 years or so, and that everything I’m doing now is just building up. The age thing is just kind of a standout feature (and more often than not an advantage when it comes to age rankings, haha).


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