My plan!

So I’ve gotten two runs in this week so far and am doing a “long” run (5-6 miles)(oh how the mighty have fallen…) this weekend. I’ve continued biking on my non-running days, and now that my knee is about 95% better, I can climb again. So this is my general plan for recovery running:

Monday: OFF (far too busy)
Tuesday: short fast run (3-4 miles at about race pace)
Wednesday: bike about 1h/1h15
Thursday: short fast run (3-4 mi race pace), plus climbing
Friday: longer bike ride
Saturday: “long” run (5-6 miles)
Sunday: long bike ride

My thinking is that as I get back into it, I’ll increase the mileage for my existing runs – the short runs turning into 6-8 mile tempo runs and my long run returning to actually being a long run – and once I think my shin is used to running again, I’ll add in running on the other days. (Right now, max weekly mileage will be about 14.) My mindset in all of this is that I have the opportunity to reset my running, in a way. I’m going to try to get a really strong base not just of miles, which I had before, but with a little more speed – pushing myself more on my normal weekday runs to be a stronger runner overall rather than just having the ability to slog through 35 miles.

Of course, if I feel any twinges or pain, I’ll ease off – I’ve (finally) learned my lesson: taking it easy for a while is definitely worth being able to run in a few weeks rather than eight months later.

I’m also going to try to swim once a week, mostly for increased lung capacity (and hulk shoulders, of course). And I’ll probably incorporate some short speed workouts, either on the track or road; nothing too short, since ultras don’t usually demand the ability to run a super quick 400m, but I’d like to get my mile time back down.

Had a good 5k run in 22:56 yesterday with a mile cooldown.

peace love and smart running!

PS. A picture from my bike ride home on Wednesday. I had perfect weather.

he Huron River, from Huron River Drive.


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