Swum is a weird word.

But it applies to what I have done today. I have swum! For the second time.

I admit that before I started, swimming was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do. When my alarm went off that first morning last week, I woke up already dreading the morning. The chilly bike ride to the gym, slipping into freezing water, and trying not to flail around too much. I biked there like I was biking to my execution.

I was meeting one of my friends where; she’s a swimmer, triathlete, and climber, so she offered to show me the ropes – the ropes being the very basics of freestyle. I dropped into the pool – and hey! It wasn’t anywhere near as cold as the pool back home! We spent about an hour swimming and working on my form, and I saw some improvements – but the confidence and naturalness of the stroke wasn’t there yet. (It still isn’t 100%, but it’s better.) I met up with her again this morning (earlier, even – it was still dark out when I left) and I swam for about an hour and a half. And I felt so much better this time, once I remembered what swimming feels like! I kept my face deeper in the water, I worked on my recovery stroke, and I started keeping my hips/feet closer to the surface. And the breathing. I’m getting there.

So yeah. Now that I know swimming isn’t the worst thing ever – it’s even (dare I say it) fun – I’ll definitely be doing that a couple times a week, along with my usual biking and (this is new too) lifting. I quite like lifting. It’s a good complement to climbing and it feels good and I’m okay at it. Turns out ultra legs are good for squats.

And swimming makes you tired. Especially if you go the morning after working out for an hour and a half.

peace love and running and biking and swimming and climbing and lifting,


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