21 with no 100 to show for it

My 21st birthday slipped by amidst a whirl of classes, exams, holiday festivities, and friends visiting. The thought of my original goal – 100 before 21 – didn’t even occur to me until just now, three weeks after my birthday. Now, this is largely due to the fact that (a) I’ve been busy and very distracted from blogging pursuits (as you may have noticed), and (b) I haven’t really been able to run for almost a year now (GASP)(groan), so I’ve known for a while that I wouldn’t get this goal. I’m just used to not running now, which is tragic. But I’m going to try another test run in the next few weeks – once DeathSnowPocalypseBlizzard 2014 has passed – and I’m assuming/hoping that I’ll be good to go again once spring comes around.

So I’m not beating myself up about not getting 100 before 21. It was a goal I set entirely by myself, for myself, and breaking it doesn’t affect anyone but me. No pressure, no problem. I’ll get there eventually.

Keep warm, everyone! And happy 2014!


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