Actual sunshine happened today – the kind that warms your face.

Something we haven’t felt in months. Blue skies and chirping birds, too. Since I was sick last weekend and unable to run, I decided to take advantage of the (relatively springlike) weather. With the inches of ice and feet of snow all melting, there were deep icy puddles everywhere to be avoided (where they could be). Much of the snow was hard-packed and decent for running, and there were even some spots of dry pavement.

And I ran in a t-shirt. Fantastic.

I originally set out to do 30 minutes, since I’d done about 20 last week, but I ended up on a loop that’s just a little longer than that and stayed out for 34. (I stopped at 30 to check my shins – all good.) It felt good – shins, cardio, mind, everything. I’d forgotten how right the trails feel.

peace love and (please please please no more) winter running,

PS. I’m headed back to HP40 in Alabama for spring break with a bunch of climbing friends. I’m pumped. (pun) Expect stories and pictures.

PPS. The internship hunt is on.

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