Adventures in calf compression sleeves

Just got these in the mail! Popped the ice sheets in the freezer, can’t wait to see how they feel!

I’ve never really even thought about compression gear until very recently – and even then, it wasn’t for the compression aspect. I saw these babies in Trail Runner and wanted them not for compression, but for the ability to ice my shins without sitting with my legs out and an ice pack on one leg and a bag of frozen veggies on the other (I only have one ice pack). They were a little pricey at $75 and I was a little unsure about my decision, but then they came in the mail and I put them on.

Pure. Heaven.

Even before I put the (reusable) ice packs in, it felt like my calves were being hugged. All the right places felt comfortable. The ends of the sleeves aren’t circulation-killingly tight. Then I put in the ice packs.

And I thought I was in heaven before. Pssh.

I don’t have too much else to say other than the fact that I will definitely be wearing these for many hours for many of the days to come. I slept in them last night, wore them under my jeans yesterday, and ran 3.5 mi in them today. I didn’t feel a huge difference while I was running, but when I added the ice right afterwards, I noticed that my soreness/tenderness went away pretty quickly.

I’ll update you if things seem to progress more quickly from wearing them. Only time will tell. In the meantime, they’re damn comfy.

They may not be the sexiest things with the ice packs but dear god they feel heavenly. I might live in these. Worth the money. 

With the ice packs (and my blurry arm, sorry).

peace love and springtime running!


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