Decided to go for a quick post-climbing night run.

And, as always, ‘twas a good choice. It was still warm from during the day so I wore shorts and a tank top despite the fact that it was after 10. Just did 20 minutes/2.8mi but at a semi-decent clip, about 7:15s, and it felt super easy so I feel like my goal of sub-20 for a 5k is pretty doable. I focused on my form, keeping my strike very outside edge of forefoot-y which helped with the shin pain and also efficiency (so, pace).

I was feeling good so I did a bunch (well, probably about 10) strides afterwards, getting progressively longer. They too felt good, and as I was doing them in the street, I heard a group of girls (probably already having pregamed a bit) saying “WOW! Did you see that girl? She was ZOOMING! Right down the road! Wow!” Which was funny.

Icing the shins/sleeping in the compression sleeves tonight and hopefully going to start incorporating speedwork (longer than just strides, which means I need to venture all the way down to the track, sigh) and start running every couple of days again. Hooray for shin splints instead of stress fractures!

peace love and night running,


One thought on “Decided to go for a quick post-climbing night run.

  1. I’m glad you are happy and getting in some great runs!! I love how positive you are and you look on the positive side of a situation. That’s great and you’re awesome and I can’t wait to hear about your speed workouts!! WOOHOO!!!


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