Black bean burgers that actually stick together, and shin woes.

I used this recipe plus an extra T each of flaxseed and water. Oh, and black beans instead of white.

So Friday I ran just half an hour in one of the parks right by campus. It has some actual hills. I am decidedly not in trail-hill shape. Not surprisingly, the hills felt great on my shins, though – got a good Achilles stretch on the way up. I took it pretty cautious on the downhills, though. Once I hit 30 minutes, I walked home because I didn’t want to strain my already sore shins on another 3/4-mile of pavement.

That being said – my shins have been sore. Pretty sore. I’m a teensy bit worried that a full-blown stress fracture is threatening my right leg (the one that didn’t already have one) in the same area. Given that I’m definitely not overtraining or ramping up my mileage too quickly or changing shoes, I’m beginning to wonder if my shin issues are related to something different – chemical and/or mineral imbalances, that sort of thing. Vegan? Hormones? (Mine have always been notoriously low, or something. Ultrarunning kicked it off and my system hasn’t been normal since.) So I’m going to set up an appointment with a new running doctor, ask about that stuff, and inquire about bone density scans (which require injection of a radioactive tracer, hence my hesitation) or MRIs to check it out. X-rays didn’t show anything a year ago. And it’s been over a year. I’d like to know what’s going on in my legs.

peace love and healthy bones,

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