Eight and a half

This weekend’s weather was perfect. Saturdaywas 60s, today got up to 75. Sunny with a breeze both days. I originally planned on doing my “long” weekend run then, but Family Things happened, so I ended up running Sunday morning. I hadn’t run that long in many, many months. I headed out with my parents; my mom ran with us the first two miles, then it was just my dad and me for the last 6.5. It was really nice running (a) at home again, and (b) with both of them. And because we started out a little slow, my Achilles were nice and loosened up for the rest of the run, so my shins felt a-okay.

We ran a dirt road loop which had some hills – a good amount of small hills for me, since I’m still super out of shape. Averaged about 8:30s and it felt quite good. Quads were a little tired, not surprisingly, but I could probably have done a few more miles at that pace, or gone a little faster. Still in the building-back-up phase, though. Plenty of time to get there.

For the rest of the day I had a shadow of that feeling you get after a long run, that all-over fatigue that feels so nice. It wasn’t full-force, not even close, but it was enough of a whisper of the feeling to get me thinking soon enough… soon… The real long runs will return soon enough.

I woke up early, sometime in 7 am, this morning and it was 40-something degrees so I headed out for an easy morning run. Ended up doing about 4, averaging 8:30s again because I wanted to just loosen things up and also enjoy the morning. I wasn’t tired from yesterday’s run, which was nice. It’s about 8 pm now and I might run a few more miles. Feeling good.


– bec

PS. It was warm today so I wore a tank top. At work, one of the ladies with whom I work was talking about how she needs to get in shape (she’s overweight) and was asking about what I did to get my arms how they are. I told her what I do. She said I’d be a good personal trainer and that made me happy. If I could get in good enough shape and learn a bit more about nutrition and physiology, I’d love to do that, as well as coach people or maybe a cross country team once I’m older and settled somewhere. Anyway, off to the gym and running time now.

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