I did a workout.

I’ve been reading Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, and it’s got me itching to get back to some speedwork. So I went out today and did road intervals for the first time since high school, it feels like. Did a mile/7 min warmup, then 5-4-3-(90sx2)-30s with half rest, then a super easy cooldown mile. Definitely not setting any records with my pace, but I’m satisfied. I didn’t have a GPS to track distances, but I checked later and it looks like my 5 minute interval was somewhere around 6:00 pace and my 3-min was well below that, which is pretty ok for me for a first workout back. Definitely felt good to feel a little bit of the short distance form coming back – nothing like the feeling of a long, fast, steady stride eating up the pavement, arms pumping, upper body so still and calm…

In other news, I’m procrastinating a paper due tomorrow right now. It’s hard to focus because



I’m hitting up the Badlands and Black Hills, then heading south for Utah – still haven’t decided yet. I was thinking Capitol Reef National Park because I haven’t been there yet, but I’d also love more time in any of the places I went last summer (Moab/Arches/Canyonlands, Bryce). I’m going to play it by ear. That’ll be my solo week (lots of running/hiking and hopefully some good night skies in SD), then I’m picking up my little brother in Denver and we’re heading to Boulder for the following week, where I get to see one of my best friends who moved out there last year.

It shall be a grand trip and I shall take make pictures. Hopefully borrowing a GoPro for some trail running/maybe biking.

Peace love and going on adventures!


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