11 miles

Hello hello, I’m back from my trip. I’ll do a post on that soonish. This weekend, I wanted to up my “long” run a bit, since my last one was only 8.5. I planned on 10 but the loop I wanted to do ended up being a hair over 11 (11.3 to be exact), run mostly on trails and dirt roads with some pavement. My shins felt pretty good, especially once my legs really warmed up about 45 minutes in. Predictably, my pace was pretty slow – averaging about 9:30s – but I felt strong and not dead, so I think had I paced myself better/had someone to run with, I could have done 8:45s or so without much trouble. Better safe than sorry, too – I didn’t want to pound my shins back to fracturedom or even splints. Regardless of the pace, it was a very nice run with lots of springtime greenery about and near-perfect weather (partly cloudy and about 65 degrees). I had planned on heading out a little earlier in the morning so I could get the perfect 50 degrees, but, you know, sleep.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have water with me, otherwise I would have been tempted to extend the loop a little and do 14… (that and the blisters that developed halfway through. It’s been a while since I’ve had those. New distance road shoes are in order. I’ll probably just go with the pureflow again.)

I’m very excited about being able to do some distance again, even if it was just 11. I’ll need to curb my enthusiasm a little so I don’t up my mileage too quickly again… Maybe I’ll do 13 next weekend. Or maybe a shorter run (8-10 miles) but on all trails… with hills… yeah. We’ll see. Yay running. YAY RUNNING.

Oh, and I finished Bowerman and the Men of Oregon last night. It was a very good read – entertaining, informative, etc. It’s as much about the Men of Oregon and the development of the sport as it is the individual. Covers a lot of time while going fairly in-depth with certain aspects. If you’re at all interested in Bowerman/Nike, Oregon track, or the recent history of some track greats, pick it up. (I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone not especially addicted to all things running. It clocks in at 417 pages.)

Peace love and gorgeous springtime long weekend runs!

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