Still alive…

Hello hello hello!

Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve just been crazy busy with these summer classes and trying to fit in working out and running and family things and some semblance of a social life. I’ve been slowly working my miles back up and, for a little while, I started doing track workout things. Those have stopped but the distance has increased. I’ve done a few 11 mile runs, and this morning I pushed it and did 14.5. I was tired by the end, but damn did it feel good to run for 2+ hours again. (Yes, it was slow, but whatever. My goal is 50M again, not a 5k.) I said hello to the alpacas on the farm, I talked to some birds, I sang a few little songs, and I managed to not get too annoyed at the horse flies that more or less always buzzed in circles around me. I finished in 2:20, averaging 9:30s, but I know my pace wasn’t steady. I started out purposefully slower since I knew I’d be tired by the end, not having run that far in… probably well over a year by this point (how sad), then I hit the sweet spot for about miles 5 or 6 through 11-12. I definitely slowed down for the last few miles, but it wasn’t miserable-tired, just I-haven’t-run-this-far-in-16-months tired. And I managed a semi-decent last 1200 or so.

Then I ate about half a watermelon and showered (chafing, OW) and lay on the couch under my favorite blanket for a while. I think I was slightly dehydrated, since I was actually cold for the last two miles despite the fact that it was about 78 degrees, and I drank my full 20-oz bottle on the run. But now I’m sleepy and just feel good from running. 14.5 isn’t really that far, but at this point, it’s far enough for me to get that nice Tired Legs feeling and to remember just how awesome distance running is.

So right now, my goal is the North Country Run marathon in mid-August. I signed up for the 50 last year but couldn’t race due to my shins, and I highly doubt I’ll be in 50M shape in… a month a half, haha, so I’m going to drop down to the marathon if I go. (Gas money, etc.) But I’m going to make sure I don’t get injured again, so if it looks like I’m not going to hit that mark, then that’s fine. My end goal is to get back in ultra condition anyway; I don’t have a big thing about marathons. (Although if I do the marathon there and get a bad time, which I probably would, it still wouldn’t show up on ultrasignup…) Maybe the Bigfoot 50k in December again; that’s a great, challenging (hilly!) course that always has a great atmosphere. And it’s further away so I could definitely train more.

Ah well. We’ll see where the next few months take me.

My classes are over at the beginning of August, so I should be on here more often after that. For more day-to-day, casual stuff, feel free to follow my tumblrs. I have a running one and a more lifting-centric one.

I’m going to go lay down again. Happy napping!

PS. Has anyone else who lifts (esp. bench) had problems with shoulders/traps getting really tired/sore while running? Because that is suddenly a thing I have to deal with.


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