My like/strongly dislike relationship with biking

I was planning on doing 18 this weekend after my run last weekend, but then my shins started hinting at being sore again and I want to avoid that at all costs, so I’m waiting a few more days for my shins – and the weather – to cool off. (I’m banking on that cold front coming in and wiping out this humidity – I figure Tuesday afternoon/evening should work.) So I ran twice this week, just 12 miles total, and decided to bike today since it’s really nice out and I was stuck inside doing calc for too long. I was getting antsy and needed to move.

So I biked. I put on my spandex – which is FAR too short for biking, I need to fix that – and my helmet (hi, mom! I really did wear it! This convinced me) and filled up my tires and hit the road. It was warm and sunny and biking provided a breeze, so the weather was pretty nice, and biking along the river is green and shady and gorgeous this time of year. I ended up biking out to Dexter and hanging out at a park there for about 15 minutes just watching the river. Then I biked back.

Now, that sounds very nice, right? A lovely late afternoon bike ride along the river. That’s the “like” part of this post. The “strongly dislike” part is mainly hills. I really really really despise biking up hills. (Probably because I’m terrible at it, but that’s not the point.) And if the road is bumpy, which in Michigan it probably is, especially after this winter, it’s just hellish – for your body and your poor bike. I cringe every time I go over the best available option in the road (aka, the least bumpy, which is still very bumpy for a road bike). And I need longer spandex. Mine was all up in my business and it wasn’t the most comfortable thing.

But, after all is said and done, it was in fact a nice ride and I enjoyed it. In other news, I FINALLY got new trail shoes! My PureGrits were so beat up and worn down and worn through that they just couldn’t go on. Donc, je vous presente…



today just keeps getting better

PUREGRIT 2s. I got them because they were cheap and I love my PureGrits so I didn’t want to change. I’ll test them out this week – not on my long run, though.

…yeah, I definitely needed new ones. I haven’t gotten a new pair since 2012 and I forgot how absolutely joyous new running shoes are.  🙂  Now I just need PureFlow 2s and NBWR00 for working out… (my Merrell Bare Access have holes too).

Alrighty, off to eat watermelon. Peace love and… biking?


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